E-library ELLU

E-library ELLU is available since January 2012.

ELLU is an internet environment for readers who like to read books online. The books in ELLU are predominantly in Estonian. 

Everybody can get acquainted with books available via ELLU but only readers of Tallinn Central Library can read and borrow them.

You may register as a reader of Tallinn Central Library in the library Visitor’s card.

To borrow and read e-books you have to create a user’s account in ELLU. For creating the account you have to enter your username, password, ID card number or the barcode number of your library card and personal code. You have to enter an ID card number in case you use your ID card as a library card.

You may lend no more than 5 books at one time for 21 days. Access to the books is temporary. When the due date is over access to the e-books is taken away automatically. It is possible to lend the same book on the next day. This allows other readers an opportunity to borrow the books as well. It is possible to return the book before duedate.

You may choose e-books on different subjects. On the opening page you can get an overview of new and popular e-books. You can find children’s books, literature for young adults, books recommended at schools, popular and literary fiction in ELLU.

Reading in ELLU is very simple, you only need a computer and an Internet connection. You don’t have to buy expensive accessories.

Estonian schools in different countries
If you want to lend e-books from TCL you can contact us via e-mail at ellu@nulltln.lib.ee

To create an account in e-book borrowing and reading evironment ELLU you have to send an e-mail message with your
– family and surname
– date of birth (dd.mm.yyyy)
– personal id-code
– e-mail address
– name of the school
– status (student, teacher)

To get the most of your reading experience it’s advisable to use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.