E-library ELLU

ELLU is a digital library for patrons of Tallinn Central Library. E-books in ELLU are predominantly in Estonian. A small collection of e-books in English and Russian are also available.

NB! We are closing e-library ELLU on the 1st of July 2024.

What do you need know in order to use ELLU?

  • Residents of Tallinn will be able to borrow e-books from the ELLU e-library if they have a valid Tallinn Central Library reader’s card and no debts to the library. You need to be familiar with the e-book borrowing conditions. Read more about how to get a library card here.
  • You may use a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone with an Internet connection. E-books borrowed from ELLU cannot be read with an e-reader.
  • Five titles may be borrowed at a time. The lending period is 21 days.
  • Borrowed titles will be automatically returned at the end of the lending period. You may also return the title early, to free up space in your ELLU account. It is possible to borrow the same e-book again the next day. This gives other patrons an opportunity to borrow that title.
  • E-books in ELLU can have up to five simultaneous users. If the library has purchased two copies then up to ten users can borrow and read the e-book.
  • The terms of service (in Estonian) can be found at the library web site.

In order to borrow and read e-books you need to sign in with your personal identity code (Estonian national ID number) and the password of your My ESTER account (given to you upon registration as a patron).

You may browse e-books by subjects or by using the search option. It is possible to search by title and author or to use the extended search. The extended search link can be viewed by clicking on Search (Otsi). Each e-book has a publicly available preview.

For a pleasant reading experience it is advisable to use the latest versions of the most commonly used web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc).


For help you can write to us: ellu@nulltln.lib.ee