Sääse Library

Opening hours

Tue, Wed, Fri 11–18

Thu 12–19

Sat 10–17

Sun, Mon closed

Contact information

Sõpruse pst 186b

683 0990



The library is located between two stations – Linnu tee and Siili (trolleybus 3, 4 and bus 11, 24, 24A, 28, 72).

Every month, on the last opening day, all branch libraries are closed for a clean-up day.

Highlighted Amenities

Internet and Wifi

There are six computers with free access to the Internet. Office software and ID card reader is available in every computer. One computer workstation is equipped with a scanner.

Bookings for computer use can be made online or by phone.

All departments and branch libraries provide free wireless Internet access. (for more information click here)

Copies and printing (B&W). More information Charged Services

Scanning. One internet workplace is equipped with a scanner. Readers can use it independantly free of charge or with the assistance from a librarian (0,20 € per page).

Guests with disabilities

See information about this library in Tallinn Accessibility Information System.