Seed Library

Opening hours

Tu-Fr 11-18

Sa 10-17

Su, Mo Closed

Contact information

Võru 11

Phone: 635 0020

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taimed kasvavad pottides

Seed Library is a great opportunity to borrow and plant seeds at home, as well as donate them to the other gardeners.

Seed Library obtains original seeds and issues them in small packages with all the neccessary information regarding on how to choose and grow plants below. Seed Library collection is growing due to the donations – we accept flower, perennial and edible indoor plant seeds used as seasoning. If you’d like to donate seeds, please put down your name, mark place and time, where the seeds were collected (city, county, month, year), and a plant name.

How can I borrow seeds from the Seed Library?

  • If you are not registered as Tallinn Central library patron yet, you will need to do it online or at the library.
  • Have a look at our seed collection through our seed list, go to online catalogue Ester (in this case use „Tallinna seemneraamatukogu“ as a keyword) or come to the library and see the catalogue on site.
  • In order to borrow seeds come to Laagna branch library.
  • No loan periods and overdues.
  • If your gardening was successful, please collect some of your seeds and bring them back to the Seed library, so that the other gardeners could borrow them as well.

In creating the Seed Library we drew inspiration from Tartu Public Library.Tartu Seed Library was founded in the beggining of 2018 and is very well received by Tartu citizens.

Join Laagna garden community.

Tallinn Central Library is registered by Plant Health Department as a certified seed and seed blend packager with the registered code 4728.