Ordering books to the parcel machine

raamatupakkAdult patrons of Tallinn Central Library may borrow items (books, CD-s, DVD-s etc) by ordering them to a DPD parcel machine. The sending cost is 4 euros and must be payed by the customer.

Underage patrons can use the service with adult intermediation. Due to this being a charged service, which may carry a bigger financial responsibility if a parcel is not retrieved, we recommend that a parent of an underage patron places the order.

It is possible to order items from all Tallinn Central Library’s departments and branch libraries. The items must be listed as AVAILABLE or In reserve collection in the e-catalogue ESTER. The order must be sent to one specific department or branch library – a library cannot combine items from different departments or branch libraries into one parcel.

1. The service is offered by Tallinn Central Library’s departments and branch libraries.
2. The service may be used by adult patrons of Tallinn Central Library. See how to register online.
3. This is a charged service. The sending cost of one parcel is 4 euros.
4. One order (aka one book parcel) may contain up to 5 books.
5. If a patron does not retrieve their parcel before the DPD storage deadline (7 days) passes, it will be returned to the library. The library will charge the customer for the return costs of the parcel by presenting them with a bill for 3 euros.
6. Items are not borrowed to debtors.

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How will the order get to You?

When the library receives an order, we will reply with a confirmation e-mail which includes a bank link for service payment. When payment has been received, we will lend the item(s) to your patron account and then post the parcel. DPD will send you a notification via SMS and/or e-mail when your parcel arrives to a parcel machine.

You may return the item(s) to the closest Tallinn Central Library department or branch library. You may also send them to the library via a courier service. We urge you to return the items before the due date – this way you avoid any overdue fees.