Tallinn Central Library service points

neli raamatukoguIn order to stop the spread of the coronavirus and avoid getting infected, Tallinn Central Library’s departments and libraries (that includes the Library Bus) are closed until 1 May (or until the state emergency is called off).

From 13 May 2020 until the state emergency is called off Tallinn Central Library will automatically extend the due dates of lent books. Penalties for previously overdue books will be halted.

Temporary service points are open only for picking up preordered books and for returns. Books can only be preordered!

Department of Estonian Literature news auditorium (Estonia pst 8):
From Monday to Friday  10.00‒13.00 and 14.00‒19.00, Saturday 10.00‒13.00 and 14.00‒16.00
 Tel 683 0920, 683 0915, e-mail eo@nulltln.lib.ee
Preordering children’s books telephone 683 0914, e-mail laste@nulltln.lib.ee
Skype: infoparing (to make an inquiry add „infoparing“ to your contacts)

Department of Foreign Literature events auditorium (Liivalaia 40)
From Monday to Friday  10.00‒13.00 and 14.00‒19.00, Saturday 10.00‒13.00 and 14.00‒16.00
Tel 683 0960, e-mail  vo@nulltln.lib.ee

Kännukuke Library auditorium  (E. Vilde tee 72)
From Tuesday to Friday 10.00‒13.00 and 14.00‒19.00, Saturday 10.00‒13.00 ja 14.00‒16.00
Tel 683 0951, 683 0952, e-mail: kannukuke@nulltln.lib.ee

Paepealse Library second floor stairgallery (Pinna 8)
From Tuesday to Friday 10.00‒13.00 and 14.00‒19.00, Saturday 10.00‒13.00 ja 14.00‒16.00
Tel 632 7463, e-mail: paepealse@nulltln.lib.ee

Service points are meant to provide access to important information during state emergency. Please consider carefully when planning to visit. All the books are placed in plastic bags without human to human contact, all surfaces are constantly disinfected and returned books are placed in an 72-hour quarantine, the library cannot ensure complete safety due to other visitors in the same space who might be infected.  

We request that you disinfect your hands when you enter and leave the service point, keep your distance from other visitors and do everything else that is possible to ensure both your safety and the safety of other people. We strongly advise you to cancel your visit to the service point if you are sick or feeling unwell. Librarians have the right to turn away visitors who show any symptoms.

Service points of Department of Estonian Literature, Department of Foreign Literature and Kännukuke Library also provide daily newspapers for reading on the spot and if really necessary access to computers for 15 minutes (contacting hospitals, cancelling appointments etc). Note that this service is not present at Paepealse Library.

Preordering books

  • Tallinn Central Library readers can preorder books. You can register as a reader   You cannot register as a reader at the service points.
  • To preorder please call the service point or send an e-mail.
  • e-catalogue ESTER can be used to check if the book is available and present at the library’s service point. You can refine your search by narrowing down the location.
    • Department of Estonian Literature: locations TlnKR kojulaenutus, TlnKR lastekirjandus, TlnKR muusikaosakond
    • Department of Foreign Literature:  locations TlnKR võõrkeelse kirjanduse kojulaenutus, TlnKR võõrkeelne lastekirjandus
    • Kännukuke Library: locations TlnKR Kännukuke kojulaenutus, TlnKR Kännukuke lastekirjandus
    • Paepealse Library: locations TlnKR Paepealse kojulaenutus, TlnKR Paepealse lastekirjandus, TlnKR Paepealse koomiksikogu, TlnKR Paepealse laste koomiksikogu
  • You cannot preorder books from libraries that are closed.