Reader registration

In order to use the library and its branch libraries you will need to register as a library patron by using an identity document.

You will need to apply for a library card or register with the Estonian ID-card or the residence permit card in order to use the Tallinn Central library and its branch libraries. Library card is issued on the basis of a valid ID and has to be renewed yearly.

You will need to register with the Estonian ID-card or the residence permit card in order to use the Tallinn Central library. Valid ID-card or Mobile-ID certificates and PIN-codes are required.

Register as a patron online

If you are 18 years old or younger, you will need to present a consent form (eng, rus, ukr) that has been filled out and (digitally) signed by a parent or a guardian. You can bring it with you to the library or, if it’s digitally signed, send it to the library’s e-mail address at

The digital signature will be stored in the library readers’ databases. The digital signature and contact information You give us, will be used to identify You, to offer You library services and to keep statistics. If there are any changes in Your contact information please let us know as soon as possible.

Having registered with an ID-card, You can borrow books and use computers in all of our departments, branch libraries and in the mobile library. If You previously had a regular library card it will now be invalid, so please take Your old library card with You when your first register with the ID-card.

The ID-card is personal property and the card owner is responsible for all materials borrowed with the card. The ID-card must, at all times, be presented for registering loans as well as for checking a customer’s right to borrow. Just like a library card, You must not give Your ID-card to anyone else. In case of losing Your ID-card please let us know as soon as possible.

ID-card or the residence permit card as a library card

It is possible to register with an Estonian ID-card or the residence permit card (hereafter: ID-card). Registering with an ID-card is free of charge.ID-kaart kaardilugeris

To register with an ID-card you will need the following:

1. A valid certificate (see;
2. PIN2 code for digital signing;
3. A valid e-mail address where the confirmation of You signing and accepting the usage Regulations of Tallinn Central Library will be sent.

Library card

Tallinna Keskraamatukogu lugejakaart


If you are under the age of 18, you will need the consent of either of your parents or some other adult guarantor in order to receive the card.  The consent is valid until the patron turns 18 years of age. If a person under the age of 18 has not used the library’s services for three years, they must present a new written consent from their parent or guardian.

Persons between the ages of 16 to 18 are registered on the basis of a personal identity document, whereas persons up to 15 years of age can alternatively register on the basis of their student card.

Library card is free for people up to 19 years old (including). Read more about the campaign “Born to be a reader”.

Library card fees


You have to sign the card, thereby taking responsibility of following the borrowing rules. The library card is personal property and the library card owner is responsible for all materials borrowed with the card. The library card must at all times be presented for registering loans as well as for a checking a patron’s right to borrow.

If the owner of a library card (either the regular library card or the ID-card as a library card) wishes for another person to be able to borrow books with their library card, then the owner (person with responsibility) of that particular library card must provide the borrower with an authorization letter.

The authorization may be written, in free form, on paper or by filling out a blank document that is provided by us.

The authorization must include the following information:

• the date of composing the authorization

• the first and last name of the authorizing person and their personal identity code

• the first and last name of the authorized person and their personal identity code

• the contents of the authorization (what is the authorized person allowed to do, e.g. they are
allowed to borrow books, to send updated contact information to the library, to print out an application etc.)

• whether the authorization is valid for an unlimited time or has a date of expiration

• in the bottom of the authorization, the authorizer’s name, signature and date of signing


The authorizer may include information about the specific library (e.g. only Kännukuke library) where the authorization may be used and information about what kind of books may be borrowed with it.

The authorization may also be digitally signed. The digitally signed authorization must be sent to that particular department or branch library that will be visited first by the authorized person. The contact information of our departments and branch libraries is available on our webpage.

The library card authorization blank may be downloaded/printed or be filled out at the library premises.

The original copy of the authorization will be kept by the library.

The authorizer may view the books that have been borrowed with their library card at My ESTER.

NB! It is not possible to authorize someone to use a library card that has expired.


The loss of a library card must be reported to the library immediately. A card which has been reported lost, cannot be used for borrowing. Customers are requested to destroy a lost card should it later be found.

Inform the library staff of the changes in your name, home address, phone number etc.

If your home address is not in Estonia and you want to borrow books, you have to pay a deposit. To verify a person’s address we use the Estonian Population Register.


Tallinn Central Library’s campaign “Born to be a reader” encourages families with small children, as young as a few months old, to visit their local library. Make your child’s first library experience a special one and make sure they are well acquainted with using to the library before starting school. Books are a great way to support your child’s development and the sooner you start, the bigger the positive impact.

Parents need not worry about their small children ruining books. The library does not ask for reimbursement if a preschooler ruins a picture book, a cardboard book or a block-lettered book.

The library card will be free of charge for all preschoolers. The card will be gifted to the child in a lovely card pocket, which can become a keepsake for the entire family. In the future, it will bring back good memories of past library visits and books that were borrowed.

The family is also encouraged to take a photo next to our “Born to be a reader” picture wall, which is a great way to record their first library visit in a memorable way. Parents are encouraged to share this photo in their social media so the rest of their family and friends can witness the event.

Reading challenge for families

Small children can participate in the reading challenge by playing a puzzle game “We like to read”. Participation is very easy.

  • Visit our departments or branch libraries and ask a librarian for the challenge puzzle base that has 12 topics (for example friendship, nature, home, etc.).
  • Visit our departments or branch libraries 12 times, one time for every topic.
  • When you finish a book on one of the topics and return it, you get a cool sticker to stick on the puzzle base.
  • Read books on every topic and collect all 12 puzzle stickers. They form a lovely picture on the puzzle base.
  • For every topic there are regular events for children throughout all summer. Times can be found here.
  • As a credit for participation you get a nice reflector.
  • Older readers (brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents) can collect dots on a special challenge bookmark.

The author of the “Born to be a reader” designs is an Estonian children’s book illustrator Ulla Saar.

The project “Born to be a reader” is supported by the Estonian Folk Culture Centre’s program “Supporting regional culture activity”.


If you want to lend Estonian language e-books from TCL, you can contact us via e-mail at
To create an account in the e-book lending & reading environment ELLU you have to send an e-mail message with your

– family- and surname
– date of birth (
– personal ID-code
– e-mail address
– name of the school
– status (student/teacher)