The Sewing Room

õmblustuba koos õmblusmasinatega

The Sewing Room at Sõle library (Sõle 47b) may be used by patrons of Tallinn Central Library who are at least 14 years old and have previously acquainted themselves with the Regulations for Sewing Room use and the Safety precautions for sewing machines and irons.

Patrons between the ages of  14–17 will gain Sewing Room usage rights with a written parental consent.

During the first Sewing Room visit, patrons must fill a registration form, which will grant them Sewing Room usage rights for one year.

During further visits, patrons must present their library card or ID-card (if they registered with their digital signature) in order to use the Sewing Room.

It is possible to use literature about sewing at the library and to borrow it home. Fashion and handicraft magazines are available for copying sewing patterns.


The following equiptment is available in the Sewing Room:

  • sewing machine Janome IT1028
  • overlock sewing machine Elna 264
  • an iron
  • an ironing board
  • tables for drawing sewing patterns
  • thread for the overlock machine (white, beige, black). The threads have been provided by AS Abakhan Fabrics Eesti.

Materials, that are necessary for sewing projects (fabric, thread, pattern paper etc) must be taken along by the patron.

Reserving the sewing room

In order to use the sewing room patrons must book a time at the library, via e-mail ( or by phone (601 9153). The sewing room may be booked for a maximum of four (4) hours for two (2) days a week.