Library Policy

General policies


E-books and audiobooks: E-book borrowing conditions (became valid: 01.01.2023)

E-readers: Terms and conditions of borrowing an e-reader (became valid: 03.02.2014)

Borrowing of other type of items (musical instruments, sporting equipment, tools etc): Borrowing conditions (became valid: 12.09.2023)

Contactless: Contactless borrowing (became valid: 02.11.2020) Free translation

Newspapers: Newspaper borrowing conditions (valid: 02.01.–30.12.2023)

Mobile Library: Organizing the services of the library bus (became valid: 22.12.2021)

Parcel machine: Ordering books to the parcel machine (became valid: 19.03.2021)

Travelling library service

In-house use

Public computing / Internet use

Activity rooms:

Innovation Lab – Kännukuke Library

Memory Lab – Kalamaja Library

The Sewing Room – Sõle Library


“Born to be a reader”: Campaign “Born to be a reader” (valid: 01.08.2023–30.12.2023)
“Read and be free!”: Campaign “Read and be free!” (valid: 02.01.2023–30.12.2023)
“Supporting Ukraine”: Campaign “Supporting Ukraine” (became valid: 04.03.2022) Free translation

Logo Usage Guidelines

Regulations of using Tallinn Central Library’s logo (became valid: 10.07.2015)