Internet and WiFi

Internet workstations

Internet workstations are available in the Department of Literature in Estonian (Estonia pst 8, in the reading room on the 2nd floor), in the Department of Foreign Language Literature (Liivalaia 40) and in all our branch libraries.

The computers are equipped with Open Office or Libre Office software, which are both mostly compatible with MS Office documents. Every branch library has at least one computer with MS Office 2007 or 2010 software. All libraries have at least one computer that is equipped with an ID-card reader.


You can book a computer in advance via e-mailphone or at the library.

When booking a computer please let us know in advance which features you need (for example ID-card reader, MS Office, scanning).

See also: library policy.


Library Laptops

Laptops are available for use at Kännukuke library (for readers with physical disabilities, because the internet room is located on the 2nd floor).


Using WiFi network is free for all readers without restrictions on usage time.

WiFi is available in all departments and branch libraries.

WiFi technical parameters:

  • Network standard (based on radio technology) – IEEE 802.11b
  • Network speed – up to 11Mbit/sec.
  • Network name – lugejad (Estonia ave. 8), raamat (branch libraries)
  • IP – automatic
  • Name server (DNS) – automatic

WiFi network is configured so that connecting to the network works automatically in case there is a radio network card in the computer. Please note that since it is a public network – available for anyone in the area – we can not ensure the security of the connection!

List of outgoing mail servers in our libraries:

Department of Literature in Estonian Estonia pst 8
Department of Foreign Languages Liivalaia 40
Kadrioru library Koidula 12a
Kalamaja library Kotzebue 9
Kännukuke library Vilde tee 72
Laagna library Võru 11
Männi library Ehitajate tee 48
Männiku library Pihlaka 12
Nurmenuku library Ehitajate tee 109a
Nõmme library Raudtee 68
Paepealse library Pinna 2
Pelguranna library Kangru 13
Pirita library Metsavahi 19
Pääsküla library Pärnu mnt 480a
Sõle library Sõle 47b
Sääse library Sõpruse pst 186
Tondi library Pärnu mnt 125
Torupilli library Gonsiori 36
Väike-Õismäe library Õismäe tee 115a