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Beginning April 15, 2024, Android 7.1.1 will be the earliest supported Android OS for OverDrive.

OverDrive is a free service offered by Tallinn Central Library that lets you borrow magazines, e-books and audiobooks in different languages from the digital collection. All you need, to get started with our free digital titles from OverDrive, is an internet connection and a valid library card. You can choose to use the OverDrive digital library web site in English or Russian, the help pages are only in English.

From January 1, 2023 only residents of Tallinn who are registered patrons of Tallinn Central Library will be able to use the service.

What is OverDrive?

OverDrive, Inc. is an American enterprise that provides a digital library service for libraries since 2003. The company’s global network includes more than 30 000 libraries in 40 countries. Tallinn Central Library has now joined this network.

What does OverDrive digital library enable you to do?

Magazines, e-books and audiobooks can be borrowed, free of charge, and are accessible on computers and other devices, using a web browser or Libby application. Downloaded titles can be accessed without an internet connection.

  • Five (5) titles (e-books and audiobooks) may be borrowed at a time. The number of borrowed magazines is not limited. The lending period is 21 days for each of them.

  • Borrowed titles will be automatically returned at the end of the lending period. You may also
    return the title early, to free up space in your library account.

  • Most titles in our OverDrive digital collection have a sample available so you can read or
    listen to an excerpt before borrowing.

  • You can place a hold on up to five (5) titles. When a hold becomes available for you, you’ll receive an email and a notification in your library’s OverDrive collection. You have three days to borrow the hold or have it delivered later or cancel it. Delivering a hold later means you stay at the front of the wait list, but pass the current copy to the next person in line.

  • You will be asked to enter your email address only once – upon placing your first hold. You may change your notification email address of each hold by going to My Account → Holds. The next time you place a hold, the address you entered last will appear in the notification window.

  • Titles may be recommended for purchase for the library’s digital collection. You must be
    signed in when sending recommendations. Five recommendations may be sent during a 14-
    day period.

Read more about how to recommend titles

What do you need to know in order to use our OverDrive digital library?

  • In order to borrow and read/listen to e-books and audiobooks you must be a resident of Tallinn, a patron of Tallinn Central Library and have to know and understand the terms of the service and library policy.
  • In order to sign in, insert the following information:

→ personal identity code;
→ password (the password that was given to you, when you registered as a patron of
Tallinn Central Library).

How to use our OverDrive digital library?

Our OverDrive digital collection is available via all web browsers on devices, including computers (Windows and Mac). You can also install, free of charge, the Libby application, which will allow you to borrow and enjoy digital titles on your tablet or smartphone. Visit your device’s application store or www.overdrive.com/apps/ to get started.

  1. When accessing our collection via a web browser, visit our digital collection at the following
    URL: https://keskraamatukogu.overdrive.com. If you are using the Libby application,
    then find and save Tallinn Central Library’s collection in the application. You can sign in with
    your personal identity code and your My ESTER password.
  2. Browse the collection or search for your next great read. Borrow or place a hold on a title
    (you need to sign in to complete this step).
  3. Borrowed titles will appear on your Loans page on the library’s OverDrive website. From
    there you can:

a. Download titles to your Shelf in the Libby application to read
anytime, anywhere offline (without an internet connection).

b. Read or listen to some titles directly in your web browser without downloading.
Some e-books, like read-alongs, can only be read in your web browser. For these
titles, tap Read in your browser. You will be taken out of the application and into
your web browser, where you can continue reading or listening to the book.


For more help, visit help.overdrive.com.

You can also ask from us: overdrive@nulltln.lib.ee


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